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Deprecated Item Data PDF Report

Item data for each item.

Item Filters

Item Group: Shows Items in the specified Item Group

Item Classification/ Status: Filters Items to only show items with the specified Status

Item Number: Filters report to only show the chosen Items 


BIM ID: When a value is inserted, the report will only show Items with the specified BIM ID

To be Modeled: If checked, only items marked as 'To be Modeled' will appear in the report

ASE: If checked, only Items marked as 'ASE' will appear in the Report

Responsibility: Filter report to show Items with a specific Responsibility

Budget Group: Filters report to only show Items in the selected Budget Group

Tender Group: When checked, only Items associated to the specified Tender Group will appear in the list

Item Data: Filter Items to match Item Data field

Report Setup

Without Price:  If checked, the item list will exclude Quantity and Budget Price

Without QR Code: Hides auto generated QR Code in report if checked

Show selected Item Data Flags only: Choose which Item Data Flags to show in the report

Only Fields with Data: If this field is checked, the report will only show fields that have data. The report will exclude empty fields. 

Include Notes/ Comments: If checked the report will include the 'Note' that has been applied to the Item

Include Sub Items: Includes a list of sub Items

Order By: Choose the order of Items here. Items can be ordered by BIM ID, Item Name, Item Number, Reference, and Price. If not selection is made, the default order is Item Number. 

Occurrence Filters

Include Occurrences: When checked, all options below become available. 

Include Procurement Occurrences: If checked, includes occurrences in procurement. 

Only Used (has Occurrences): If checked, report will only list items that have Occurrences. 

In Room Function: Filter report to only show Items in Room from the selected Function

In Room Group: Filter report to only show the items in room from a specified Room Group

Occurrence Classification/ Status: If checked, only Items with the specified Occurrence Classification/ Status will appear in the Item List

Order by: Defines the occurrences list order. By default the occurrences will list by Function Number, but can be set to order by Room Name, Room Number, User Room Number or Additional Number.


Include Products: When checked, products are included. 

Images and Documents

Include Document List: Item Data report will include a list of documents linked to the item

Include PDF documents as images: This feature renders PDF documents as SVG images and places them in the Report


Include Log: When checked, litem data logs will report add additional options become available below.

From date: How far back should the log start.

To date: How recent should the log end.

Change List: Filters log to only include longs from a specific Change List

Long note contains: Filters Log data to only include logs with a specific log note

Report Output

The example report below is only showing fields with data, 'includes Sub Items', 'Includes Occurrences', and are ordered by Room Function Number

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