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Item Module with IFC Connected

To see IFC options for the items overview go to the tab BIM in the top menu;

Model connection

  • Reconnect: Connect you with the last used IFC model.

  • Connect: Connect to any available model either stored on the model server or locally

  • Disconnect: Disconnects from IFC model

3D viewer

  • Zoom top: Zooms to the selected object and shows it from above

  • Zoom out: Restores to original view

  • Save as image: Saves the current view as an image

  • Zoom in cut: Zooms to selected occurrence

  • Isolate: Shows/hide all other objects than the one you have selected

  • Hide spaces: Show/hide spaces in the model.


  • Synchronize with model: Synchronizes the selected item with the linked IFC object.

Match reports

  • Item match: Shows a reports of which Items that are linked with objects.

  • Room match: Shows a report of which rooms that are linked to IFCSpaces.


  • Import IFC: Imports systems and components from IFC. For more information on IFC import see 

  • System match: Shows which systems are linked to systems in the IFC

In the same way as in the room overview, the Item overview will be in IFC view mode when you are connected to an IFC source. .

Under each Item group, all Items will appear as usual in this group. An icon indicates if the Item is in the model or not:

When no icon is displayed, this indicates that the Item is not in the model or that it is not marked To be modeled.

The Item is in the model and is linked to the Item in dRofus.

In the list of panels you will also see some additional options when connected to an IFC model;

  1. 3D: Shows/hide the 3D viewer panel

  2. Properties for IFC object: Shows/hide IFC påroperties

  3. Occurrence match: Shows a comparison of occurrences in dRofus and in the IFC model.

    Quantity of occurrences match the quantity in the IFCSpace og the linked type.

    There are deviations in quantities between the planned occurrences and quantiy of objects in the IFCSpace for the linked item.

  4. You can turn on the 3D view from the menu Items> IFC> Show 3D viewer. If you highlight an Item and there is representative data on it, or on one of the occurrences, this will be displayed in the 3D View window.

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