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Item Module with IFC Connected

  1. Navigation panel - When IFC is connected, users will see an additional tab called ‘IFC,’ which contains the IFC model's IFC classes. Navigation to Items is based on Item groups, classifications, statuses, or IFC classes.

  2. The BIM tab in the ribbon menu has options for Items connected to IFC.

  3. The list of linked Items will have a matching icon in the Match column.

  4. Occurrence Match. It shows a comparison of occurrences in dRofus and the model.

  5. Properties for IFC object. Displays all properties (object properties and property sets) related to the IFC object marked in the list of Items. Navigation is based on item groups or classifications; only matched items will have data in the Properties for the IFC object panel.

Ribbon menu options


Sidebar menu

When connected to an IFC file, two additional panels will appear on the right-hand side of the menu.

  1. Properties for IFC object: Shows/hides IFC properties.

  2. Occurrence match: This compares occurrences in dRofus and the IFC model.

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