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Items Grouped by Item Group PDF Report

List of all item groups with optionally cost of items in rooms per function.

Item Filters

Item Group: Shows Item Occurrences in the specified Item Group

Item Classification/ Status: Filters Item Occurrences to only show items with the specified Status

Item Number: Filters report so only the chosen Occurrences from the specified Item


To be Modeled: If checked, only items marked as 'To be Modeled' will appear in the report

ASE: If checked, only Items marked as 'ASE' will appear in the Report

BIM ID: When a value is inserted, the report will only show Items with the specified BIM ID

Tender Group: When checked, only Items associated to the specified Tender Group will appear in the list

Item Data: Limits items based on item data filtered.

Only used (has Occurrences): When checked, limits Items that only have occurrences. 

Occurrences Classification / Status: Filters items based on the classification or status.

Report Setup

Without price: When check, excludes budget price data.

Include total per Item Group: When check, included a sum of items in each group.

Report Output

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