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Move Occurrences from one room to another

It is only possible to move to move Occurrences to/from unique or derived Item lists. It is not possible to move an Occurrence that comes from a Room Template or Item List Template.

The Item can be moved either from the:

Right click menu within the list of Occurrences in the Item module or from the Item list to the Room:

  1. Right click one or more Occurrences which will be moved

  2. Select "Move Occurrence".

  3. Select the Room the Occurrence(s) should be moved to

  4. Select “Ok”

Occurrence can also be moved by selecting a new room in the Occurrence of The Item properties pane:

  1. Select Item Occurrences

  2. Select […] beside Room

  3. Select new Room

  4. Select “OK”

Occurrences will keep all data when moved

Move Occurrences to another Item List of the same Room.

To be able to move an Item form one list to another the only condition is the have the right responsibilities

Occurrences can be moved between Items list either by using the right click menu or selecting Icon:

  1. Open Room data by double clicking on the room

  2. Select the Item list where the Occurrence of the Item is to be found.

  3. Right click on the Occurrence or select Icon

  4. Select “Move Occurrence to”

  5. Select Item list

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