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Plan and create Systems in dRofus

Benefits of planning the systems in dRofus

Connecting your Systems to Revit, IFC or another planning tool is an excellent start, but if you want additional visibility and insights, we recommend start planning your data in dRofus.

Planning your data with Systems inside of your dRofus project allows you to have a better connection between different disciplines. For instance, between mechanical objects and electrical objects. Although this process has more steps, we are confident you will be pleased with the additional outputs. 

We recommend reading Introduction dRofus Systems before starting to build your system within dRofus

Plan and create System in dRofus:

Read the steps:

Set classification on Items existing within the database

Create System Components in dRofus

Add Component to a System

Add or change System Component


You can also look at the example: Example: Create and connect Electrical System the Mechanical System

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