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Room Log PDF Report

This report shows log data changes in rooms and the option of including log changes in Room Data and Items in Rooms. Use date, Room Function and Room Numbers to limit the selection. (Finishes Log for versions prior to 2.0)

Log Data Filter

From Date: Specify date to start showing logs from

To Date: Specify data to stop showing the logs

Room Filters

Room Function: Filter report to only show the specified Room Functions

Room Classification/Status: Filter report to only show specified Rooms Classifications or Status

Room Function Number: Filter report to only show specified Rooms

Item Lists: Filter report down to only show the selected Items Lists

Report Setup

Room Data Log: Includes Room Data Log when checked

Occurrence Log: Includes Occurrence Log when checked

Finishes Log: Includes Finishes Log when checked (for versions prior to 2.0)

Order by (Log): Can be ordered by Field, Time and Time, Field when specified

Order by (Room):  The Log can be ordered by Additional Room Number, Room Function Number, Room Name, Room Number, or User Room Number

Report Output

The Room Log report example below has a specified log date, filters by Room Function 02, includes Room Data Log, 'Order by (log)' is by Field, Time, and 'Order by (Room)' is by Room Name. 

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