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Rooms Grouped by Room Data Status PDF Report

This report groups rooms together based Room Data Status.

Room Filters

Room Function: Filter report to only show Items in Room from the selected Function

Room Classification/Status: Filter report to only show specified Rooms Classifications or Status

Room Group: Filter report to only show the rooms a specified Room Group

Room Function Number: Filter report to only show selected Rooms. 

Room Number: Shows Items in Room from the specified Room Number value. Use '*' as wildcard for one or more arbitrary characters and '_' as wildcard for one arbitrary character

Room Data: Filter room to match a a Room Data field 

Only rooms with Room Data Type: Filter down report to only show Rooms with a specified Room Data Status

Unique: Only show Items in Room from Rooms with a Unique Item List Status

Derived: Only show Items in Rooms from Rooms with a Derived Item List Status

From Template: Only show Items in Rooms from Rooms with a template Status

Copied: Only show Items in Rooms from Rooms with a Copied Item List Status

Report Setup

Group within functional structure: Specify function structure for Group

Include Room Data: Includes Room Data in the Report

Show selected Room Data Tab fields only: When chosen, the report will only show the selected Room Data Flags.

Use Room Data view filter: If a view filter is specified, report will only show Room Data that is in the view filter

Only fields with data: If checked, the report will only show fields that have data

Skip fixed text:If checked, the report will not show fixed text fields

Order by: The report can be ordered by Additional Room Number, Room Function Number, Room Name, Room Number, or User Room Number

Report Output

The Rooms Grouped by Room Data Status example report below is using the Room Function filter, to filter down to the 02 function. 

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