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Selecting fields

The Excel exports in dRofus gives you total flexibility in which fields you want to include as columns in your Excel output. You add and remove fields as well as changing the order of columns. The below example is taken from the Rooms  export. All other Excel exports will have the same organisation/options.

  1. All available fields for the Export you have chosen. The list will vary based on which export is chosen.
  2. Included fields in the Excel export. Each field will be presented as a column in the Excel output
  3. Adds and removes selected fields
  4. Reorder included fields (2) by moving them up or down
  5. Adds a fixed value as a field/column. this can e.g. be a fixed text you want to repeat for all rows in the Excel output
  6. Add complex value as a field/column. A complex value can be a concatination of two or more fields in dRofus, a static text or a combination of those. For more information on complex value/composite text please refer to Item Composite Text Attributes

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