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Synchronizing ArchiCAD Objects with Items

The dRofus Addon allows the synchronization of data between the parameters of ArchiCAD Objects and the attributes of dRofus Items.

For this to happen, the ArchiCAD Objects need to be linked with dRofus Items. Refer to Linking ArchiCAD Objects to Items in dRofus.

To synchronize data between ArchiCAD Objects and dRofus Items, select Sync Objects with dRofus within the dRofus Menu:

Data will be synchronized as per the Default / Active Attribute Configuration for Objects <-> Items. See ArchiCAD Object to Item Configuration that explains how a configuration can be defined and used.

One you activate the Sync Objects with dRofus command, the following dialog will appear:

Filter and Selection

  • ArchiCAD filter: Allows you to choose to either synchronize All objects in the model or Objects on current floor or Selected objects or Objects of the same library part.
  • dRofus filter: Allows you to apply a filter to the dRofus Items to synchronize against. Press 
     to refresh the results of a new / changed dRofus filter .


  • Update ArchiCAD object properties from dRofus: Allows you to update ArchiCAD Objects with the latest data from the corresponding (linked) dRofus Items as per the Default / Active Attribute Configuration for Objects <-> Items. This only applies to linked Objects <-> Items. This option cannot be unchecked. In brackets you will see the count of ArchiCAD Objects that will be synchronized with dRofus Items. Objects that are not linked will not be included in this count.
  • Update dRofus equipment with object properties Allows you to update dRofus Items with the latest data from the corresponding (linked) ArchiCAD Objects as per the Default / Active Attribute Configuration for Objects <-> Items. This only applies to linked Objects <-> Items. In brackets you will see the count of dRofus Items that will be synchronized with ArchiCAD Objects. Items that are not linked will not be included in this count.
  • Clear ALL unmatched in dRofus: This option is available only when "All objects in the model" is chosen as the ArchiCAD filter and the "Update dRofus equipment with object properties" option is selected. It will clear out all the unlinked dRofus Items' attributes (that were defined to take values from the ArchiCAD Objects). Use this option when, for example, you've removed an ArchiCAD Object and want the mapped attributes of the (once linked) dRofus Items cleared out. In brackets you will see the count of dRofus Items that are not currently linked to any corresponding ArchiCAD Objects.
  • Using configuration: Data will be synchronized as per the Attribute Configuration that is set as default, unless you switch to / make active another Attribute Configuration. Creation / modification / deletion of Attribute Configurations can be carried out by the BIM Administrator. Within each Attribute Configuration, the BIM Administrator can select / map ArchiCAD Object attributes to the corresponding dRofus Item attributes as well as designate the direction at which the data (pertaining to each mapping) flows between dRofus and Revit. 
    For a more detailed explanation, refer to: Create New or Edit Revit Attribute Configuration.


If you set a dRofus filter on dRofus Items, only the result of dRofus Items (defined by the filter)'s attributes will be cleared out when you run synchronization with the "Clear ALL unmatched in dRofus" option selected.

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