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Workflow Revit: Link dRofus and Revit model.

Step 1: Setup

Set up your Revit model to be ready for linking:

Revit Set-up and display options

Working with Multiple, Linked and Shared Revit Models

Step 2: Attribute configuration

Determine which Revit and dRofus attributes are linked and decide whether the data should be sent from the model to dRofus or vice versa.

Revit Attribute Configurations

Step 3: Link Revit Rooms/spaces with dRofus Rooms

Rooms, Spaces, Room Templates and Areas

Step 4: Link dRofus Items with Revit Family type

Link and Synchronize dRofus Items and Revit Family types

Step 5: Link dRofus Items Occurrences with Revit Family type Instance

Link and Synchronize Item Occurrence / Family Type Instance

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