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Area Overview and Functional Analysis

Compare area of Rooms in dRofus with IFCSpace objects

  1. Open IFC files in dRofus Desktop

  2. Link Rooms and IFCSpace using key attribute set in the IFC Attribute Configurations

  3. Open the Area panel in the room overview by selecting the icon:

The Area Panel displays:

  • BIM area (which is the sum of the area of the IFCSpace objects that are part of the function) can be compared to the programmed area in dRofus. In addition to including the IFCSpace objects that are linked to the room in dRofus, it will also include the area for the rooms by matching the number with the functions' numbering. For example, if you have a function 01.08 and you have an IFCSpace object named 01.08 or 01.08.A, this will be included in the area calculation although this is not a valid room function number in dRofus. In this way, the architect can draw or set off areas that will fulfill certain functions without necessarily having the exact room department. This can be useful in an initial phase.

Net designed area in this report is area synchronized into either from the IFC model(s) or directly from the plug-in. BIM area corresponds to the connected model area.

  • Count of the amount of IFCSpace under each function.


The individual functions can be assigned a color in the properties pane that can be used in the view


Filter can be used to report areas for different levels, such as the main or partial function's level.

Add/Remove Columns

Right click in the area overview window and select "Add/Remove Columns" to set the desired display.

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