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Item Data

Access Item data:

  1. Select Items

  2. Double click on the Item or Select “Open Item” from the right-click menu

General: Displays the same data as in the Item Properties pane

Description: Add or view the Item description

Images and Documents: Add or view images and documents connected to the Item

Tabs with requirement can be added. Items Type Filter is used to determined what requirement that is displayed. Bellow is an example showing more tabs with requirements:


The toolbars gives the following options:

  • Next/Previous buttons: Provides you with Item Data information for the next and previous Items in the group you currently have selected.

  • Copy Item Data From: Copies Item Data from a selected Item, to the Item in view

  • Copy Item Data to: Copies the current Item Data to a selected item 

  • Show log: Opens the log information panel for the selected Item

  • Overwritten values: Displays a list of all derived values in Items with Derived Item Data. A derived value is a value that has been overwritten from the Item Data value.

  • Print: Displays a selection of relevant PDF reports.

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