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Items Type Filter

dRofus is capable of accommodating very many Fields to store Item Parameters. Because of this it is often good practice to create Filters which can be used to define which Parameters to display for the different Item Groups in the Item Overview. In order to create an Items Type Filter you require admin access to the Database, and then it is a two-step process:

1. Create new Filter:

  1. Open the “Item type filter” that is located under Home Menu-> Project and database administration 

2 .Select “New”

3. Enter name. Example: Use Item group type name (eg "FFE"):

4. Select Parameters that will be included in the Filter. Expand the Tabs by clicking on the arrow icons to the left of the Tab Names. To include a Parameter in the Filter either double click on the Parameter or use the arrow icons in the middle of the Panel. The Parameters on the right side will be included in the defined Filter.

Attach the Filter to Items Groups

  1. Open the Item module

  2. Select the Item Group

  3. Select Item filter in the drop-down menu within the properties pane.

An Items Type filter can be set to any Level of the Item Groups, but note that a Filter set on a lower level will supersede the Filter set to a higher level.

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