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Modifying User Interface in the Item overview

Add Panels

For adding new panels to the item overview go to the vertical ribbon on the right-hand side of the interface: 

Select the icon pertaining to the panel which you'd like to add to the interface.

The top-most icon within this vertical ribbon pertains to two types of pre-defined layouts Default and Simple.

Modify placement of Panels

As explained previously in this document you can modify the user interface within the item overview. Different users may work with different data and will therefore have the need to display different data sets. Users can customize their interfaces by adding and / or removing panels as well as choosing the specific positions of each added panel.

Users can relocate panels to other locations by clicking on their headers and dragging them away from its original location. The panel will detach from its original location, after which one can then select the new location for docking.

When the panel is dragged around within the item overview (depending on where it is in relation to the existing layout), locators will pop up as applicable.

The locator looks like this:

The left mouse button will need to be kept pressed while the panel is being dragged around. With the left mouse button kept pressed, if the mouse pointer is made to hover over either one of the four arrows or the square shape in the centre, it turns yellow and a preview (in blue) of where the panel would be located (if you were to release the left mouse button) will appear. When a satisfactory preview has been achieved, release the left mouse button and the panel will get docked.

Place a Panel outside the item overview

Users don't have to necessarily dock a window within the item overview interface. It is possible to keep the Panel floating independently, for e.g. within a second monitor. This can be an option if the user needs more space for the panels or if they would like to for eg., place the 3D IFC viewer on a separate screen.

Remove Panels

To remove a panel from the interface simply click on the "x" symbol in the top-right hand corner of the panel header;


Existing panels will automatically adjust when a panel is removed.


Within all panels, it is possible to right-click and select Add/remove columns or by clicking on the icon 

on the bottom-right corner of each panel.

Add/Remove Columns

By right-clicking anywhere within the items overview panels, there is an option available to add or remove columns within those panels. This allows the user to include / exclude attributes as well as define their positions. 

Or by clicking on the icon 

 on the bottom-right corner of the panel:

To add an attribute as a column, select the attribute and click on the arrow pointing to the right. To remove an attribute from the list, select an attribute from the included fields and select the arrow pointing to the left. Once can use the search to filter and find the available attributes / fields.

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