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Add Requirements to Rooms and Functions

dRofus allows users to set requirements at different levels.

Function program

This is where overall requirements for the project and functions/departments can be set. These requirements have no direct link with the requirements at room level and cannot be inherited downwards. These are requirements on the function in total and not directly for all rooms. The current mode of utilization involves a number of text fields or formatted text fields (ref.  Formatted text and use of hyperlinks ). Function program is described in  Function Data Module .

Room data sheet

This is where requirements for the individual rooms is set by using:

  • Room templates

  • Templates (we recommend using room templates, use of templates must be activated by the project administrator)

  • Groups

  • Unique Room Data

A common feature for room templates, templates and groups is that they provide tools for setting requirements for rooms (which apply to individual rooms), but which can be changed at a principal level. If changes is made to a room template, template or requirement group, the change is actually made to numerous of connected rooms. 

Another major benefit when using room templates and requirement groups is that you can start to work on these concepts at an early stage of the project, even if the room list has not been compiled. This is also information which can be extensively re-used by multiple builders.

Room templates: You can set joint requirements for several rooms by using room templates. You would use this if you need several rooms of one type for a project, possibly for several functions. Room templates are described in Templates Overview

Requirement group: You can set joint requirements for parts of the room (parts of the Room Data form) which are common for several rooms, possibly for just one discipline, applicable to all room templates. The use of requirement groups is described in Groups

Unique Room Data: This means that the room's requirements are unique, i.e. not linked to a room template or template. Please note that a unique room may still be subject to requirements from a requirement group. More information on Room Data is provided in  Room Data Sheet

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