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Room Data Sheet

Room Data information describes functional and constructional engineering requirements for a room.

Room data Filter

dRofus is capable of accommodating very many Fields to store Room Data Parameters. Because of this it is often good practice to create Filters which can be used to define which Parameters to display for instance the different stages of the project.

Read more: Edit Room Data View Filter

Room data Status

Room Data information can be attached to a Room or a Template.

A Room Template will always have a Room Data schema. This implies that a Room Template can be utilized as a Template by creating Room Data for a room. For more information on Room Templates, please see Templates for rooms

In dRofus, a room can have four different statuses for Room Data:

  • Not created i.e. no requirements set for the room

  • From room template - the room has the requirements from a room template

  • Derived from template- the room has the requirements from a room template but with deviations

  • Unique - the room has unique requirements

Read more about status: Room Data Status

It is possible to switch between these different types for use of Room Templates throughout a project. The next pages describe the different statuses for Room Data.

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