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Templates Type

Templates Type:

In the Templates for rooms modul templates can be created for:

  • Room Templates - Room Data with Item List

  • Room Data Templates - Room Data Only

  • Item Lists Templates - per item list type

  • Finishes Lists - per finish list type

Unlike room templates, item templates, finishes templates, and room data templates are distinct types of templates that are not interrelated. These templates are defined by a code and name and do not include any other core information.

In these templates, each item and finish is unique and not dependent on any other template. The project administrator can define the names and number of item and finish lists needed for the project, as demonstrated in the example below.

Room Templates

Room Templates containing room properties (programmed area, classifications, groups), room data, and item lists are available. An example of a list of templates for rooms can be seen in the image provided below. All functionalities related to room templates can be accessed from the ribbon menu in the room overview.

As these are standardized rooms, they will not have a designated area nor be placed within a particular functional structure, but instead will have a unique template code. Templates are equipped with logs and can be assigned classifications, statuses, and room groups.

Room Data Templates

Templates that only include Room Data.

A room can receive e.g. Room Data from a Room Template. This can be performed in a number of ways, described in more detail under Room Data Sheet

Item Lists Templates

Item List are defined per Item List Type and can be used to manage Item List Only. Ream more: Item List

A room can receive e.g. an Item list from a Room Template. This can be performed in a number of ways, described in more detail under add link

Finishes Lists Templates

Per finish list type.

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