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Synchronize Revit Room, Space and Area.

The function “Synchronize” facilitates the transfer of data between dRofus and Revits parameters:

  • dRofus Room <--> Revit Room

  • dRofus Room Template <--> Revit Room

  • dRofus Room <--> Revit Spaces

  • dRofus Room Function <--> Revit Area

Synchronization with Room Templates allows you to work with standardized data before a Room list has been established within a dRofus project.

Step 1: Set Attribute configuration for the synchronization you intend to perform.

Duplicate Key Attribute

If there are duplicate key attribute within the selected Revit parameter or within the selected dRofus attribute, synchronization will not be possible for those specific pairs. It's highly recommended to audit these duplicates before initiating the synchronization process.

In case any duplicate values are detected at any point during the process, a message will be displayed, and you can which elements that are duplicated in the “Link Status”.

Step 2: Synchronize

1. Select “Synchronize” in the ribbon menu

Window bellow will appear:

2. Select what you intend to synchronize

3. Select Filter if the synchronization is to be limited to some Rooms/ Spaces / Areas.

If the project is large and the Revit Rooms are spread across multiple design models, it's important to use the Model Name feature to manage them effectively. Without applying a dRofus filter, using this feature could accidentally clear a significant amount of data. To prevent this, make sure to add a filter that specifically targets the Rooms that should be present in the current model. Read more about Use Model Name to work with multiple design models

4. Select the tasks you want the synchronization to perform. Read more about the option Add Image of Revit Room and Synchronize Project Information.

5. Validate that the right configuration is selected.

6. Select “Synchronize”

Once the synchronization is complete, a notification message will appear indicating what actions have been performed.

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