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Part 3: Add Item Data


Properties and specification can be added to the Items using Item data:

Item Data

Step 1: Customize Properties

Customize data fields

An Administrator user can customize Items data fields:

Item Data GUI

Edit Items Type Filter

Filter data fields

Items Type Filter

Combine data fields

Existing data fields can be combined to composite text for Items, Occurrences, or Products:

Item Composite Text Attributes

Use Sub Items as properties

Sub Items can be used as properties:

Sub Items as properties

Step 2: Add data

Data field can be added to the field manually or imported from model or Excel.

Excel: Import and Update Items from MS-Excel

The attribute configuration within the model decides which data fields that would be updated when synchronizing:

Revit: Link and Synchronize dRofus Items and Revit Family types

ArchiCAD: Synchronizing ArchiCAD Objects with Items

IFC: Synchronizing Items with Model

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