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Sub Items

Sub Items

Items can consist of additional components (Sub Items) to enhance their functionality. This functionality allows for the assembly of a main Item comprising multiple independent Items. This assembly enables specification and utilization of the individual parts, combining them into a unified unit. Upon placing the main Item in a room, all associated sub Items will automatically follow.

Doors are an example on Items that often consist Sub-Items.

Sub Items and Calculation

When incorporating a sub Item into a main Item, there is an option to determine whether its quantity should be calculated. If quantity calculation is selected for the sub Item, it will be considered as a distinct occurrence within the room. Consequently, the cost calculation for the room will include the price of both the sub Item and the main Item. It is often suitable to assign a price of zero to the main Item. However, opting not to calculate quantity for the sub Item means it will have no occurrences and will only be considered as a whole. Consequently, its cost will not be included in the overall calculation. This allows for pricing of the main Item without detailed pricing of the sub Item. Additionally, it implies that the main Item is procured as a single entity and not as separate parts, as the parts themselves do not have any distinct occurrences. If it preferred to procure and price the parts individually, the option to “calculate quantity” must be selected. This gives the flexibility to selectively calculate quantity for certain sub Items while excluding others.

User access to add Sub Items

Item Permission overrides are also relevant for Sub Items, dRofus provides the ability to enable a User to populate Packages with Sub Items, taking into consideration only their permission level to the Responsibility Group of the Main Item and not the Responsibility Group(s) of the Sub Item(s).

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