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Part 4: Occurrence of Item

Create Item before adding occurrence of an Item. Read more Part 2: Add Items, Sub Items and Child Items

Display Occurrences:

Display Occurrences:

Step 1: Item Occurrences data

Occurrence Composite Text Attributes

Occurrence Calculated Attributes

Step 2: Create and update Occurrence of Item

Item Occurrences can be created manually or imported from model

Create Item Occurrence

Link and Synchronize Item Occurrence / Family Type Instance

Add Occurrence of Item to Room

If the Item Occurrence is attached to a Room within the model, it will be added to the Room within dRofus when you import and synchronize dRofus and model. Items Occurrences that are not connected to a room, can be added manually. Read more:

Create and add Item Occurrence to a Room

Unlock, split and delete Item Occurrences

Unlock locked Occurrence

Split Occurrences

Delete Item Occurrence

Step 3: Attach Image and documents to an Item Occurrence

Documents and Images can be imported from modell or from both the dRofus desktop application and dRofus WEB

Occurrence Images

Attach a document to Items and Occurrence using dRofus web

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